Cloud Based Locust Load & Performance Testing

RoboSwarm is a cloud-based distributed load & performance testing platform. Run your Locust load tests at scale with a few simple clicks.

RoboSwarm Features

RoboSwarm allows you to easily create and execute Locust load tests at scale.

Locust Load & Performance Testing

Test From Around the World

RoboSwarm can load test your application from all over the world. We can spin up Locust load testing clusters in: Amsterdam, Bangalore, Frankfurt, London, New York City, San Francisco, Singapore, & Toronto.

Requests & Distribution Data

Easily see the status of your load test in real-time or analyze the data after the test has completed.

RoboSwarm Requests Chart
RoboSwarm Distribution Chart

Any Scale, Any Time

On-Demand Infrastructure

RoboSwarm creates your Locust swarms on-demand using Digital Ocean. With no infrastructure to worry about we focus only on making your load testing experience and amazing as possible.

1 to Thousands Nodes in an Instant

By leveraging Digital Ocean's massive hosting infrastructure, we can scale our test clusters from 1 to thousands of test nodes in an instant.

Simple Pricing

Our simple pricing plans make it easy to choose the right plan for your team. No credit card required to get started!



5 Machine Hours / Month

2 Load Tests / Month

15 Minute Max Test Duration

5 Day Data Retention

Email Support



1000 Machine Hours / Month

30 Load Tests / Month

2 Hour Max Test Duration

90 Day Data Retention

Scheduled Live Chat & Email Support



7000 Machine Hours / Month

300 Load Tests / Month

6 Hour Max Test Duration

1 Year Data Retention

API Access

User / Group Management

Live Chat, Phone, & Email Support

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Python versions do you support?

We currently support Python 2.7. We are actively working on supporting Python 3.x versions.

Is there a reference Locust test I can look at?

Sure! Check out the reference test on GitHub.

Is there a swarm size limit?

No. It is only limited by the duration your swarm will be alive and the machine hours you have remaining for the month.

Can I access the Locust Web UI?

Not yet, but soon!

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